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DSK No. 3 in Avtovo

The decision to construct an industrial complex for big gas-concrete blocks in Leningrad was made in 1956. The Avtovo site became the second, after Leningrad reinforced-concrete plant No. 5, proving ground for integrating new construction technologies. All of the cutting-edge approaches developed by Project Development Institute No. 1 were introduced here: pre-stressed girders with a 30-meter span, double-branch columns with strut lattice, slabs of light concrete, walls of silicate blocks, pre-fabricated reinforced-concrete envelopments measuring 40 x 40 m, double-curved barrel vaults with a 100-meter span, etc. A whole series of work meetings were held directly on site. Envelopment assembly design was developed whereby envelopments assembled at zero elevation measuring 40 x 40 m were lifted to design elevation using four band elevators. 

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