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History Project institute №1 - the country's history


In the 1990s, construction and renovation scopes with respect to industrial enterprises experiences a ten-fold contraction, demand for the respective design activities dramatically subsides. Project Development Institute No. 1 is forced to re-consider its approach to the generation of order package in the new economic environment.

The following projects erected per the design projects of Institute were handed into operation in 1992: large-dimension building-construction plant with reinforced-concrete item workshop of Glavnovgorodstroy in Borovichi, Lenkozhvest No. 1 and Lenkozhvest No. 2 plants in St. Petersburg, program control system (PCS) plant in ‘‘Parnas’’ industrial zone in St. Petersburg, Transmash plant in Tikhvin, boiler plants of ‘‘Tashkentsky’’ state farm in Novgorod Region and greenhouse building in Orel Region.

The privatization issue was first raised in January 1992 at the meeting of employees of Project Development Institute No. 1.



More than 5,000 facilities in 20 countries

Брянский машиностроительный завод i

Автор: Углик Виктор


Bryansk machine-engineering plant

In the 1970s, the plant arranged specialized production units: diesel, transport machine-engineering, metallurgical. The technical project for the thermal-diesel production complex was developed by Project Development Institute No. 1 in 1978. In the 1980s, the production of thermal diesels at BMEP commenced. Today, diesel locomotives, coaches, and metal goods are produced here. The plant is part of Transmashholding - the country’ largest transport machine-engineering company. 


The Institute’s outstanding personalities

 Павел Михайлович Жук

Pavel Zhuk

Director of Project Development Institute No. 1 1964–1966

Due to the creation of Soyuzmachstroyproject All-Union Association at Project Development Institute No. 1, the State Construction Department of the USSR decided to strengthen the Institute’s management and appointed P.M. Zhuk the director on 2 January 1964. This time, the number of employees tripled, 30 departments, sectors of chemical enterprises, machine-engineering, light and food industry, new machinery were formed. The Institute experienced organizational difficulties: the construction departments of the technological institutes it encompassed were located in 18 different organizations. In general, the integration process between Soyuzmachstroyproject and Project Development Institute No. 1 as lead was successfully completed, but the organizational activities of P. Zhuk were criticized and the State Construction Department of the USSR dismissed him on 31 January 1966.


Institute projects