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Our mission

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Project Development Institute No. 1 is a next-generation design company that embraces the world’s proudest engineering and design traditions to accumulate the best intellectual resources with the aim of creating fundamentally-new domestic-engineering infrastructure and advancing homegrown design as a robust economic sector.

Combining up-to-date technological approaches, the best specialists and fundamental advancements of the global engineering school, we do our best to effectively implement world-class projects for the benefit of future generations.

Acting as a matrix planner, Project Development Institute No. 1 operates at the intersection of fundamental traditions and advanced technologies, creating a new matrix of interaction between design solutions and processes.

Our benefits

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    Tremendous professional experience

    Over the seven decades since its inception, Project Development Institute No. 1 has developed its own top-flight design school, headed by the country’s leading specialists backed by both practical and scientific approaches. The Institute holds over 100 patents and awards. Today, the rich experience, responsible business attitude and high esteem for the profession inhered from previous generations are being preserved and further advanced.

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    Optimal design solutions

    For each project, regardless of industry, Project Development Institute No. 1 specialists provide the best design solutions while professionally optimizing not only all sections of design documents but the future operation of the structure as well. 

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    Highly-skilled staff

    Project Development Institute No. 1 boasts a mighty resource of highly-skilled professionals proficient in state-of-the-art design methods. Institute employees have extensive experience interacting with related organizations, including branch institutes and expertise bodies. 

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    Comprehensive design approach

    Implementing all kinds of design activities as a package. Functioning as General Designer, carries out the processing of input data for construction and renovation projects, technical support for the design stage, execution of permit documents, arrangement of construction management, technical supervision.

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    Wide range of design fields

    Project Development Institute No. 1 carries out design activities for all branches of construction i.e. industrial, civil, transport, hydro-technical etc. It boasts a wealth of experience in all listed fields and is actively pursuing the following areas of activity: production facilities, public buildings and structures - including sports facilities, residential-development complexes, and engineering infrastructure - including thermal-power engineering and gas-supply facilities.

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    Cutting-edge design technologies

    When executing design documentation, building information modeling, or BIM, is applied - the most efficient method in use today. Developing a consolidated 3D graphic model of a structure at the design stage makes it possible for the customer not only to see the future project, but also to calculate the cost of construction materials, equipment and logistics, thereby reducing construction costs by 10-12%.


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