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6 September 2019

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The Ministry of Construction of Russia eliminates the need to obtain technical certificates for evaluating the suitability of facade thermal insulation composite systems with external plastering layers (FTСS). 
As the Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation D. Volkov noted, “the abolition of obtaining technical certificates at FTCS solves important problems. Firstly, it removes the barrier for new players to enter the market of stucco facade systems, and secondly, it contributes to increased competition and improved product quality. Over the past 20 years, a system of issuing technical certificates to the FTCS has been operating and such regulation had its justification. However, now, thanks to the developed system of regulatory documents, there is no need for technical certificates. We consider it expedient to continue work to reduce them in other areas. ”
The system of developed regulatory documents applied to SFTK is comprehensive. A builder can design, undergo an examination and build without prejudice to the quality, safety and economy of the project, ”added A. Basov, director of the FAU“ FCS ”.
In connection with the decision to abolish the need to obtain technical certificates for assessing the suitability of the FTSS, the FTSS stops issuing them.

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