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Magnitogorsk boiler house in Leningrad


Project Development Institute No. 1 has contributed much to perfecting the design of thermal-power engineering facilities and developed both unique and standard designs for industrial and municipal boiler houses. Years of collaboration have closely linked the Institute to the leading industry organizations, such as VPTI Energomash, Santekhproekt, Central Boiler and Turbine Institute.

In 1978-81, the Institute’s thermal-power engineering department implemented a project with a total capacity of 412 Gcal/hour for a boiler room under construction in Leningrad between Magnitogorskaya, Metallistov, Yakornaya Streets and Energetikov Avenue spanning a total area of 6 hectares. 28 minor boiler houses were slated for dismantling due to commissioning of the boiler house.

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