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Plastics plant in Shevchenko, Kazakhstan

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In 1974, the technical board of Project Development Institute No. 1 considered a technical project for a plastics plant in Shevchenko (now Aktau). Leningrad’s Giproplast Institute served as the general designer. The French company Litvin supplied process equipment for styrene and polystyrene production. In order to better link the construction part of the project to the supplied process equipment, a group of specialists from the Institute was sent on assignment to France. Plant construction included production units for shockproof polystyrene, foamed polystyrene, administrative and housekeeping buildings, a ready-product warehouse, a packaging line, and other facilities.

In 1980, production units for ethylene and shockproof polystyrene were commissioned and their designs were developed by Project Development Institute No. 1. The birth of Shevchenko City itself was the result of a decision by the Soviet government to establish a national shield. A unique complex for the production, procession and dressing of uranium ore was created here.

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