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Pyotr Shmykov

Director of Project Development Institute No. 1 1951–1958

Pyotr Shmykov took the helm of Project Development Institute No. 1 in 1951, having served as the organization’s chief engineer since February 1947. He went down in history as a highly-skilled engineer and talented organizer. During his management tenure, Project Development Institute No. 1 was recognized as an innovative institution, winning authority not only throughout the country but abroad as well: it took part in the World’s Fair in Brussels in 1958 and Scientific-and-Technical Achievements Expo in New York City in 1959. In the 1950s, numerous innovative approaches were created at the Institute that set the foundations of standardized design. This period also witnessed the start of the design of tire plants, representing a new field for the Institute.

Pyotr passed away on 20 March 1958 while on duty in the building of the Institute.


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