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Evgeny Sikorsky

Evgeny Sikorsky assumed the office of director of Project Development Institute No. 1 on 4 October 1976 in accordance with an order by the Main Construction Department of the USSR. During his management tenure, the Institute’s most important projects included: Atommash plant in Volgodonsk, BelorussianChimkent and Nizhnekamsk tire plantsNadezhda copper-nickel plant in Norilsk, Considerable work scope was also devoted to projects involving Leningrad industrial giants i.e. ElectrosilaKrasny VyborzhetsIzhora plantAdmiralty Shipyard. Evgeny Sikorsky was dismissed by order of the Main Construction Department of the USSR as of 21 July 1983 due to a situation at the site of Atommash plant where foundation subsidences were encountered. During the later years of his work at the Institute, E.S. Sikorsky was the Head of the Technical department.


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