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Arkady Vishnevsky

Director of Project Development Institute No. 1 1948–1951

Arkady Vishnevsky was appointed Director of Project Development Institute No. 1 in May 1948 by order of the Minister for the Construction of Military and Naval Enterprises of the USSR. At that point in time, 449 people worked in the Institute. In March 1949, the Main Directorate for Design Activities at the Ministry for the Construction of Machine-Engineering Enterprises assumed control over Project Development Institute No. 1. The Institute was reorganized in 1949 under the direction of A.V. Vishnevsky; a Technical Committee was established. The Institute implemented a vast scope of work during his management tenure, including facilities to protect Leningrad from flooding, a metal frame for one of the country’s first high-rise buildings - the 17-storey Leningradskaya Hotel in Moscow, sluices of the Volgo-Donsk channel. In May 1951, A.V. Vishnevsky was recalled to Moscow, to the Main Committee Administration.


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